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Our foundry has been founded in 1975. Today we are producing raw casting parts in our 8000 m² foundry. Also we can supply assembly-ready parts. We are producing; Steel Casting, Gray Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and and investment casting(precision casting) parts. Also we are producing wheel hubs for trucks, trailers and buses.
"LINPAR ENGIN LINERS has been producing Engine Liners and Piston Alfin since 2009. Company which provides Centrifugal Casting service with Centrifugal Method thanks to Special Foundry, raises its position in the sector each passing day by reaching annual capacity to produce 600.000 pieces/year Engine Liners, 550.000 pieces/year Piston Alfin and 3600 tons/year Centrifugal Casting capacity. Prioritizing satisfaction of last buyers and dealers with extensive sectoral knowledge and experienced staff, Linpar Engine Liners produces not only Oem parts but also products in special dimensions."
ULUPAR offers its partners a business model which supplies all of the needs in a single delivery instead of working with different suppliers for each need. Supplying sector specific products for every need with fast delivery, warranty, superior quality and affordable prices, ULUPAR minimizes the costs via control from a single center. ULUPAR minimizes logistics and operational needs and eliminates quality related problems. PRODUCT GROUPS Steering Wheel Pumps Axle Repair Kits Rubber and Metal Parts Brake Disc and Pad Sets Brake Caliper Repair Kits Clutch Pressure Plate, Lining and Bearings Suspension Bellows and Cabin Bellows Cabin and Chassis Suspensions Engine parts (Piston, Lining, Snap Ring etc.) Engine Mounts Seals Rear View Mirror and Glazings Flywheel and Flywheel Housing Compressor and Repair Kits
GENEX ENGINE PARTS are manufactured in the sister companies locations by specialised manufacturers and engine manufacturer suppliers. GENEX guarantee quality since quality controls are continuous and
“Meplin GROUP” production plant is established in 10000 m2 open and 15000 m2 covered area at the 3nd Organized Industrial Zone and today it has reached to a highly appriciated level in both production